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It has been a while since we have posted anything to our blog  (we have finally resolved some issues we where having with editing the content of our website)

Spring is taking its sweet time, but now is a great time to inquire about:

Signs for your business

Address script or a beautiful number sign for your home

Installing Frost Film in your home or office

 lettering for your vehicle or boat


Here are images from some of the projects we have been working on:

Client: George’s Custom Paint

We have had the privilege of doing the lettering on some amazing vintage restoration projects for George’s Custom Paint


This pick up truck graphic was digitally printed on a product called Contra-Vision

(which has tiny holes in it allowing the driver of the vehicle to see through the graphic from the inside)

We painted the pin-up girl and lettering on this vintage candy machine using 1Shot Sign Painter’s enamel

For this vintage Texaco gas pump we had the pleasure of painting the FIRE CHIEF lettering,

the image of the FIRE CHIEF and the speeding Firetruck graphic.

(painted with 1Shot Sign Painter’s Enamel)

These are vintage air pumps and a parking meter.

It was a fun to customize the two orange pieces with Harley Davidson lettering.

The yellow and red pump was done up with White Rose (a vintage motor oil and gas company)

(painted with 1Shot Sign Painter’s Enamel)

Another classic retro gas pump, this one painted with the “Sinclair Gasoline”

Vintage brand insignias, Hi-Test performance and Dino logos and pinstriped red outline.

(painted with 1Shot Sign Painter’s Enamel)

Vintage Coca-Cola vending machine, with hand-painted white lettering

(painted with 1Shot Sign Painter’s Enamel)

Painted the lettering on these gas station attendant mannequins holding signs

(painted with 1Shot Sign Painter’s Enamel)


Happy New Year from JackFlash Signs

From our family to yours, we hope you had a safe and relaxing Holiday season. Thanks to our wonderful family, clients and friends 2016 was a great year! We look forward to another productive year in 2017, lots of new projects on the go. Here are a few shots to celebrate 2016.


Concept drawing for a new logo and brand strategy (by Andrew Lane)

Fancy capitol K,One Shot enamel lettering practice (by Andrew Lane)

Small promotional sign to advertise Gift Signs

Mrs. Murphy Lane, in her daily mediation stance 🙂

 working from projector on metal panel

Amazing gift Sign painted by the incredibly talented Elaine Wallis. This sign has found a home in our new Holland Landing shop. It inspires me daily.

Assorted hand painted works by JFS

Black and Grey OneSHOT enamel on metal panel

Black, Grey and White on metal Panel. These two panels insert into a heavy duty oldshool wooden Freezer door. Commissioned by Shane Lawrence (collector and restorer of antique signs, gas pumps and vending machines)

1940’s Old Gold Cigarette Vending Machine











Welcome to the new improved jackflashsigns website and blog!! We are excited to share our projects and experiences on an ongoing basis!

April 28,  2016

Let’s start with a fun project for our pals at George’s Custom Paint….George and his son Shane do superb restorations of just about anything related to old machines such as gas pumps, vending machines, call boxes and many others! We were given free reign on this 1940’s cigarette machine, along with a couple of pieces of reference material…..between these and the web, we were able to track down lots of interesting old ads for Old Gold…we try to approach these sorts of projects with a “time machine” mindset; that is, what would I do if I were a sign painter, handed this project back in say, 1949? This allows a looseness of style but hopefully keeps things accurate to what might really have been done…..

Now I realize that these machines would have been screen printed or some other method would likely have been used to produce the graphics on machines in quantity, however it is possible that they were customized to suit a particular venue…Shane has painted this one in a rich maroon and metallic gold with some black accents- a very classy combination….so I picture this one going into the lobby of a high end theatre or club, where the clientele could purchase and partake of their favourite smoke, right there! Times have changed- I’m told the client who owns this piece will rig it up to dispense candy cigarettes only!